Murder Mysteries

This page is devoted to the 'Dave Harris' Murder Mystery Books. The series is based in the City of Toronto. Harris is a member of the Metro Police Homicide Squad. In the initial book, 'Singularity, he is a Detective Inspector, by the time we meet him again in The Sophia, he's been promoted to the rank of Chief of Detectives.

His erstwhile partner, Tim Cassidy, is often frustrated when his former partner and now his boss insists on taking part in Cassidy's cases. Another major character that pops in and out of the series is Father Alfonso Bonconcinni, a retired Catholic Priest who can't resis getting involved in whatever case Harris is working on.

Each book has it's own page, if you click on a title in the list on the left you will be taken directly to it. There you can read an excerpt and watch a 'Book Trailer' Video.